We’re Offically Closed

Dear Friends of Dry River,

As many of you have already heard, Dry River, has closed its doors. After over 6 years of running the space, the Dry River Collective has encountered some serious difficulties with keeping it open, and are currently in the process of moving out.
Perhaps it was a lack of energy and support, perhaps it was the economy, its hard to say, but for over the last year Dry River was struggling to meet its one and only bill, Rent. We had been consistently late on paying our landlord, and the driving energy in the collective and our non-conventional methods of fundraising seemed to have faltered. After months of doing benefit events, and trying to increase our money-generating activities, many of us found ourselves with the feeling of banging our heads against the wall.

With the Summer approaching, several collective members and many supporters are leaving the city, some of them aren’t returning. Those of us who are left have had to face the hard facts that it seems virtually impossible for 2-4 people to maintain Dry River and generate enough money to pay our rent, especially since we already didn’t have any money for the rent in the spring with everyone still here.

Although for many of us in the collective and our friends in Tucson, this is a very sad situation and disturbing to note that Tucson’s only anarchist-run establishment is now closed, however we also have alot of hope and inspiration for the future.
Over the Summer we will be organizing and fundraising to start a new anarchist project in Tucson. Perhaps it will be another infoshop like a new and improved Dry River or perhaps it will be totally different. Nevertheless, the members of Dry River Collective will continue to carry on anarchist projects and invite all those interested to get involved and support Anarchy in Tucson!

For those of you who have supported us, we want to thank you, we never could have run the space for so long without all the acts of kindness and solidarity!

Under the Black Flag,
The Dry River Collective